Here under you could find a list of applications and access our category of products corresponding by clicking on the checkmark (checkmark):

SR : HV generators
CCR : Capacitor chargers
EBW : Electron beam

Applications SR CCR EBW Custom new energy


electron beam welding




Accelerators; Cyclotron; Pulse Forming Networks (PFN); RF systems checkmark checkmark    
Air filtration; Particle filter checkmark      
Arc lamps; Flash lamps, flash X-ray systems   checkmark    
Automated Test Equipment (ATE) (semiconductor; passive components); Burn-in equipments checkmark      
Baggage and cargo inspection, scanners, PET scan, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) checkmark      
Beam deflection, DC bias checkmark      
Cable line fault testing, HV cable testing, insulation tests checkmark      
Capacitor charging (capacitor tests) checkmark checkmark    
Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) ; CRT display testing checkmark      
Coating checkmark      
Cyclotron sources checkmark checkmark    
DC Magnetron sputtering checkmark      
Deposition systems checkmark      
E-Beam lithography checkmark   checkmark  
E-beam sterilization, decontamination, sterilization process checkmark   checkmark  
E-Beam welding checkmark   checkmark  
Electrostatic, powder, lubricant & precipitator systems checkmark      
Electrostatic painting, electrostatic printing checkmark      
Excimer lasers   checkmark    
Filaments checkmark      
Food sterilization; Decontamination   checkmark    
Free electron lasers   checkmark    
Gas ionisation detectors checkmark      
High voltage amplifier checkmark      
Inverters; Static converters (CVS) checkmark     checkmark
Ion beam deposition checkmark   checkmark  
Ion implantation; Lithography checkmark      
Ion sources checkmark      
Klystrons/Magnetrons for microwave heating and RF amplifiers checkmark      
Laboratory applications checkmark      
Leak detector checkmark      
Leakage testing checkmark      
Lightning electromagnetic pulse systems checkmark checkmark    
Magnetic forming ; electromagnetic forming; MPF   checkmark    
Magnetron checkmark     checkmark
Marx generators   checkmark    
Microwave processes checkmark     checkmark
Neutron sources checkmark      
Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) ; E-beam evaporation / deposition checkmark   checkmark  
Nuclear instruments checkmark      
Particle accelerators; Electron linear accelerators (LINAC) checkmark      
Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) checkmark      
Plasma coating, evaporation, sputtering, cold plasma, corona plasma checkmark      
Power electronics, HVDC grid checkmark      
Pulse Forming Networks (PFN) checkmark checkmark    
Pulsed lasers; Excimer lasers, solid-state lasers Nd: YAG   checkmark    
Pulsed power; Marx generators, High Power Microwave (HPM)   checkmark    
Pulsed UV curing and sterilization   checkmark    
Radiation therapy systems checkmark      
Research & development checkmark checkmark    
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment checkmark      
Semiconductor microlithography checkmark      
Solid state thyratron replacements checkmark      
RF modulators systems   checkmark    
Sterilization checkmark checkmark    
Tubes; Thyratrons; X Ray ; Igniters ; Gas discharge tube, cyclotron checkmark      
X-ray system supplies with filament control; CT scann; X-Ray imaging checkmark