Capacitor chargers

Technix offers two main models of generators. The Regulated power Supplies (SR) and the Capacitor Chargers (CCR). You can also download those informations here: download application note
CCR graph

The Capacitor charger (CCR) can be considered as a current generator (Norton model). He’s suitable for all applications that need very fast regulation with big voltage amplitudes and repeated charging and discharging (total or more than 50% of the max).

The CCR has a very low stored energy and may hold a shoting rate up to 1kHz*.
CCR machine must operate with an essentially capacitive load.
Its regulation mode differs from a SR and prevent from any overshot.

Using a CCR as a Regulated power Supply is not recommended.

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rack 3U miniature rack 5U miniature rack 10U miniature

From 150 to 1 500 Joules/second

From 2 500 to 5 000 Joules/second

From 7 500 to 20 000Joules/second and more