Custom design

Technix can consider any of your requests and realize your own custom design.
We are very flexible and we can adapt our products to be in accordance with your specifications.

Whatever you need, we can offer you the specific High Voltage generator or charger you are looking for.
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custom for OEM custom for test bench custom for electron beam welding custom all terrain custom for physics research custom for production of high tech thin films custom for magnetrons coating application custom test homologation electronic modules custom for magnetrons testing custom dielectric test for semi conductors
Application for magnetrons
High voltage test bench
100kV - 20 kW
Electron beam power supplies for welding
Testing cables
100kV/600W in "all terrain" unit (easily transportable)
Physics research
24kV/18kJs with security light on top
Production of high-tech thin films
2 generators 5kV/20kW each in a 36HU
Magnetrons coating application
90kV/400W to 900W power regulation
Test & homologation of electronic modules
1,5kV - 30kW
Magnetron testing cabinet
10 modules 1kV, 1A
Separately or put together by control unit,
works continuously
Dielectric test for semi conductors
Multicanal 8x200mA, 10kV
Fiber optic remote control by labview runtime