Multisource Series

Voltage: 60 000 to 120 000 Volts
Power: from 6 000 Watts to 40 000 Watts and more
Size (rack - depth):19" cabinet - 800mm ; depends on the model

Applications (examples): Klystron; Pulsed Electric Field (PEF), RF power systems; ion implantation, Non Destructive Testing (NDT) systems, X-Ray power supplies systems, Cyclotron

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electron beam integrated model 12U

60 kV, 15 kW model
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  • Compact & industrial design
  • Low stored energy*: 1J/kW
  • High efficiency
  • Easy Start-up, "Ready to use" system
  • Adjustable recovery after an arc*: stop time and raising time
  • Accurate metrology adjustment* :
    - output voltage calibration,
    - output current calibration
    - parallel & serial compensation
  • Flashless mode available
  • Total protection against arcs, overloads & short circuits
  • Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
  • Low ripple + noise
  • Outputs on CLAYMOUNT CA4 connector
  • Resistance in series for output voltage
  • Double resonance converter using IGBT
  • 2 years warranty

* for HV main source


With more than 15 years of experience in design and the manufacturingof electron beam welding power supplies, TECHNIX offers a complete range of electrical sources dedicated to this application.

Based on double-resonance technology, these power supplies offer many advantages in terms of performance, flexibility, reliability and price.

Multisource Unit models are offered for customers who are looking for a complete system of power supplies with a plug and play configuration, all integrated in one cabinet.
All the models include an oil tank.

Multisource Unit power supplies include the following electrical sources :

  • main HV power supply
  • filament power supply
  • wehnelt / bias power supply
  • bombardment power supply

Other Voltages and other powers can be considered on demand.

Electrical specifications

Mains voltage
3 x 400V ± 10% 50-60Hz + Earth

Polarity for main HV source: Negative (Earth reference)

Voltage regulation for main HV source
Load variation: better than ± 0.1 % of full voltage (for 10 to 100 % load)
Line regulation: better than ± 0.05 % of full load (for a ± 10% variation of mains voltage)

Current regulation
Load regulation: better than ± 0.05 % of full voltage (for 10 to 100 % load)
Line regulation: better than ± 0.05 % of full load (for a ± 10% variation of mains voltage)

Ripple + Noise for main HV source: less than 0.1% RMS of full voltage

Stability (after one hour warm-up) for main HV source
0.1 % / hour, 0.03% / 8 hours of operating with constant load and ambient temperature

Temperature coefficient: 200 ppm/°C

Operating temperature: from 0 to 40°C

Stocking temperature: -20 to + 40°C

CE Certification

Standard configurations

Electrical source Output voltage Output power or current
Main power HV power supply From 0 to - 60kV or 6kW, 15kW, 20kW & 40kW
From 0 to - 45kV 6kW & 15kW +
Filament power supply Up to 20V From 0 to 15A
Wehnelt / Bias power supply From 0 to 2kV 5W
From 0 to 3kV 5W
From 0 to 3.8kV 5W
Bombardment power supply From 0 to 1kV From 0 to 50mA
From 0 to 1.7kV From 0 to 80mA
From 0 to 3kV From 0 to 45mA

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Output and control connectors

Output connector
output connector
Control connectors
multisources rear

HV control
Analogic 0-6 V → 0 to 60 kV HV voltage setting Input BNC(31)
Analogic 0-6 V → 0 to 60 kV HV voltage measurement Output BNC(34)
Analogic 0-10 V → 0 to 260 mA HV current Measurement * Output BNC(35)
Digital Logic levels HV switching ON/OFF Input Pin 9,11 RC1
Digital Logic levels HV & filament inhibit Input Pin 2,4 RC1
Digital Logic levels HV OK/FAULT Output Pin 1,3 RC1
Digital Logic levels HV voltage reached Output Pin 14 RC1
Digital Logic levels Arc detected Output Pin 6 RC1

tableau control connectors

Time adjustment setting

schema time adjustment setting

  • Tstop : Time high voltage is stopped after one arc - adjustable
  • Tra : Raising time of HV after a stop provided from one arc - adjustable